Gumbet nightlife

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The nightlife in Gumbet makes the resort excel amongst Turkish holiday resorts, as when the sun sets, the city is ignited in a sea of lasers and neon lights. Regarding Bodrum town, the nightlife in Gumbet is more on the spot due to central Bodrum's bars' being more like boutique style. Holidaymakers are able to find numerous bars, clubs and discos lined up by the Gumbet beach front.

The many bars, restaurants and nightclubs, seemingly hidden during the day, rise up out of the resort and take it over in a swarm of light and sound. This party lasts until dawn every night throughout the summer.

About the Gumbet Bars; the most popular ones are Chico's, Smiley's and Roy's Place. Drinks at the Gumbet bars are cheap.

Big beer is about 2 TL, energy drinks cost about 4 TL, hard drinks like vodka or whisky cost about 5-6 TL. at the Gumbet bars.

About the Gumbet night clubs and discos, the most popular ones are the Club Posh, Club Posh and Mystery Disco.

Clubs are always full and fantastic. They are open from 09.00 pm. till 05.00 am. and beer costs about 6 TL, local drinks cost about 7-8 TL and foreign & exotic drinks cost about 10 TL.

In addition; the bars of the Gumbet beach clubs and the bars of the Gumbet hotels are also good with lots of entertainment for the holidaymakers.

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