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Tourist information and guide to Cafes & Bars in Gumbet, Bodrum, Turkey...

The nightlife in Gumbet makes the resort excel amongst Turkish holiday resorts, as when the sun sets, the city is ignited in a sea of lasers and neon lights. About the Gumbet Bars; the most popular ones are Chico's, Smiley's and Roy's Place. Drinks at the Gumbet bars are cheap. Big beer is about 2 TL, energy drinks cost about 4 TL, hard drinks like vodka or whisky cost about 5-6 TL. at the Gumbet bars.

In addition; the bars of the Gumbet beach clubs and the bars of the Gumbet hotels are also good with lots of entertainment for the holidaymakers. If you want to experience the other famous bars in the Bodrum peninsula, than take a night out and visit the famous Kuba Bar and Helva Bar in central Bodrum for sure.

Top Best Cafes & Bars in Bodrum Gumbet for you...

  • Chico's Bar Gumbet

    Chico's Bar & restaurant is a nice choice for Gumbet nightlife. The entertainment and music is great in Chico's.
  • Smiley's Bar Gumbet

    Smiley's Bar is a lively one in Gumbet bars where you can chill out and have great drinks with great music & dance.
  • Roy's Place Gumbet

    Roy's Place is also a good beach bar in Gumbet located by the beach front. It is popular for its karaoke nights.
  • Outback Bar Gumbet

    Outback Bar is a popular bar in Gumbet. Holidaymakers may enjoy the great Gumbet nights at the Outback Bar with the best Rock & Indie music in Gumbet.

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